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DBA dehumidifiers & air coolers are suitable for use in all types of properties.



Why choosing DBA?

 ⌁ Same Day Order and Delivery ⌁

Our aim is to deliver the equipments for hire on the day of order. If not same day delivery then we will be there early the next day at your convenience.



⌁  Professional Advice ⌁ 

Our friendly, professional staff can guide you on which of our extensive range of equipments will best suit your hire needs. 



⌁ Technical Support ⌁

If there's any problem or issues with the hired equipment and it can't be resolve through the phone, we will send our technician on site to help. 



⌁ High Quality Equipment ⌁ 

Our range of equipment is efficient and well maintained, with great reliability and performance. Please call us at 25411611 for advice on which equipment are best for your needs.